The Vision

Bridging the gap between; Merchants, Consumers and Developers

BabaPay is a next generation Payment Platform that is Level 1PCI Certified. It feature a Smart Terminal which combines all aspects of a sale; register, payment and accounting into one Terminal. Our platform includes Payment Processing, Web based POS and our very own App Store.

Establing merchants to collect funds for their goods and services. Accepting debit or credit card payments for Brick and mortar and online.

Merchants will also have access to our web-based point of sale system that comes free with our payment gateway. The POS will allow merchants to integrate their sales, accounting, inventory, loyalty tools and enable them to track employees, use multi locations and more much.

Our Android-based BabaWorld app store. Devs would be able to download our simple SDK to create apps utilizing our devices functionalities and consumer would get access to their favorite Android apps.



  • Android
  • EMV ready
  • 4G/Wi-Fi
  • Camera
  • Thermal Print
  • QR Code
  • Camera